CSSD Amended Proposed Collective Agreement and Online Vote


The Proposed Collective Agreement between Unifor Local 1990 and CSSD has been amended from the Proposed Collective Agreement that was tabled and voted down on April 24, 2023. The amended content reflects the significant feedback that was heard from members regarding the disbursement times for vacation pay. 

Vacation payouts have been moved back to January, April, and May. Specifically, This section now reads: "Vacation pay shall be paid in the second (2nd) pay period following the Christmas break, the pay period following Easter/Spring Break and at the end of May."

To view an updated highlights page for changes proposed in this Collective Agreement, please click here.

Click here to see a full amended copy of the Proposed Collective Agreement between Unifor Local 1990 and CSSD.

This Proposed Collective Agreement will be voted on using an anonymous and confidential electronic platform. Individual ballot links will be sent to your @cssd.ab.ca email addresses. The District has given special permission to use District email to ensure all member of Unifor Local 1990 have access to vote on this Proposed Collective Agreement.

If the vote is 50% + 1 in favour, the Collective Agreement will be accepted.
If the vote is 50% against, the process will move to mediation. The mediator will be appointed by the Government of Alberta. 

Note: Amendments to proposed collective agreements are rare cases. There will be no further amendments to this Proposed Collective Agreement, apart from what is prescribed by a mediator.