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Results for June 6-7th Ratification Vote for New Amended Collective Agreement

The ratification vote for the New Amended Collective Agreement was held June 6-7, as an online vote. 

The results of the vote are:
1310 votes cast
865 votes yes, I approve the amended collective agreement (66.03%)
445 votes no, I reject the amended collective agreement (33.97%)

Thank you to all members who voted, to those who helped other to find voting information, and to those who engaged in discussions, town halls, and sent email inquiries. 

REMINDER: AGM on MAY 30 @ 7pm

The Unifor Local 1990 Annual General Meeting will be held on May 30th at 7pm via Zoom. Please ensure your Zoom participant name matches your name on file as an employee.

CSF - Résultat Négociations 2023

Chers membres Unifor 1990,

Nous venons de terminer la présente session d'information et le vote.  Merci aux 39 membres présents et aux 36 qui ont exercé leur droit de vote. Le syndicat est heureux de vous annoncer que la convention proposée fut acceptée par 56% des membres donc sera effective dès le 1er juin et ce pour une période de 18 mois.

Merci pour vos questions et vos points, nous en prenons bien note. Nous vous encourageons de continuer à identifier vos inquiétudes et questions au syndicat.

Documents for Proposed New Collective Agreement

The following files were disseminated at the April 24th Ratification vote and information nights for the new Collective Agreement. Requests have been made to repost these documents for easier access. Please contact @email if you are unable to view these documents.

Further decisions are pending regarding the next step for the New Proposed Collective Agreement. Please watch our news page for further updates in May.

Proposed New Collective Agreement Highlights

The following information is a highlight of the salary adjustments proposed in the New Collective Agreement. The bulk of the proposed salary change is a 3.75% increase for all member and a 2 phase grid adjustment for categories 2-6 to address the liveable wage gap for our lower income earners.

Results for Ratification Vote for New Collective Agreement

The ratification vote for the New Collective Agreement was held April 24, in person at Bishop Carroll High School.

The results of the vote are:
633 votes cast
152 votes yes
473 votes no
8 spoiled ballots 

Please watch the Local's news page and newsletter for the next steps in our bargaining process.

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