Which Region Do I Belong To?

AreaSchool NameEmail
AAll Saints @email
DApostles of Jesus@email 
DAscension of Our Lord@email 
DBlessed Marie-Rose@email 
ABishop  Carroll@email
DBishop Kidd@email 
DBishop McNally@email 
ABishop O'Byrne         @email
CCardston (GVC) K-6@email
AChrist the King@email
BCorpus Christi@email
ADivine Mercy @email
ADon Bosco@email
CÉcole Beausoleil (BL) K-12@email
CÉcole de la Rose sauvage (LRS) 7-12@email
CÉcole de la Source (LS) K-9@email
CÉcole des Grands-Vents (GVB) K-6@email
CÉcole des Hautes-Plaines (HP) K-12@email
CÉcole du Nouveau-Monde (NM) K-6@email
CÉcole La Mosaïque(LM) K-6@email
CÉcole La Vérendrye (LV) K-12@email
CÉcole Le Ruisseau (LR) K-12@email
CÉcole Les Cypres (LC) K-12@email
CÉcole Notre-Dame-de-la-Paix (NDP) K-6@email
CÉcole Notre-Dame des Monts (NDM) K-12@email
CÉcole Notre-Dame des Vallées (NDV) K-12@email
CÉcole Ste-Marguerite-Bourgeoys (SMB) K-12@email
CÉcole Terre des Jeunes (TDJ) K-6@email
AFather Doucet@email
DFather Lacombe@email 
DFather Scollen@email 
AFather Whelihan@email
BGood Shepherd@email
AGuardian Angel@email
BHoly Angels@email
AHoly Child@email
DHoly Cross@email 
DHoly Family@email 
AHoly Name@email
DHoly Spirit@email 
DHoly Trinity@email 
AJohn Costello@email
DLight of Christ@email 
BMadeline d'Houet@email
DMother Mary Greene@email 
DMsgr. E.L. Doyle@email 
DMsgr. Hetherington@email 
AMsgr. J.J. O-Brien@email
AMsgr. J.S. Smith@email
DMsgr. Neville Anderson@email 
DNotre Dame@email 
DOur Lady of Fatima@email 
DOur Lady of Grace@email 
BOur Lady of Lourdes@email
AOur Lady of Peace@email
BOur Lady Queen of Peace@email
BOur Lady of the Assumption@email
AOur Lady of the Evergreens@email
AOur Lady of the Rockies@email
AOur Lady of the Rosary@email
AOur Lady of Wisdom@email
APrince of Peace@email
BSacred Heart@email
ASt. Albert the Great@email
BSt. Alphonsus@email
DSt. Ambrose@email 
ASt. Andrew@email
BSt. Anthony@email
ASt. Augustine@email
DSt. Basil@email 
BSt. Bede@email
ASt. Benedict@email
BSt. Bernadette@email
ASt. Bonaventure@email
ASt. Boniface@email
DSt. Brigid@email 
ASt. Brother Andre Centre@email
ASt. Catherine@email
ASt. Cecilia@email
DSt. Clare@email 
ASt. Cyril@email
DSt. Damien@email 
DSt. Dominic@email 
DSt. Elizabeth Seton@email 
BSt. Francis@email
ASt. Gabriel the Archangel@email
ASt. Gianna@email
ASt. Gregory@email
BSt. Helena@email
BSt. Henry@email
BSt. Hubert@email
ASt. Isabella@email
BSt. Isidore@email
BSt. James@email
DSt. Jean Brebeuf@email 
DSt. Jerome@email 
ASt. Joan of Arc@email
DSt. John Centre for Arts and Culture@email
ASt. John Henry Newman@email
DSt. John Paul II@email 
DSt. John XXIII@email 
BSt., Joseph@email
DSt. Josephine Bakhita@email 
ASt. Jude@email
DSt. Kateri Tekakwitha@email 
ASt. Leo Centre@email
BSt. Luke@email
BSt. Margaret@email
ASt. Marguerite@email
DSt. Mark@email 
DSt. Maria Goretti@email
DSt. Martha@email 
BSt. Martin de Porres@email
BSt. Mary's@email
ASt. Matthew@email
ASt. Michael@email
BSt. Monica@email
DSt. Paul Centre@email
DSt. Patrick@email 
DSt. Peter@email 
ASt. Philip@email
BSt. Pius X@email
DSt. Rita@email 
DSt. Rose of Lima@email 
DSt. Rupert@email 
ASt. Sebastian@email
ASt. Stephen@email
DSt. Sylvester@email 
ASt. Teresa of Calcutta@email
ASt. Thomas Aquinas@email
DSt. Thomas More@email 
DSt. Timothy@email 
BSt. Veronica@email
DSt. Wilfrid@email 
ASt. William@email