Highlights for CSSD Amended Proposed Collective Agreement


The following information is a highlight of the proposed changes to the Collective Agreement between Unifor Local 1990 and CSSD. If you require clarification please email @email


A letter of understanding states that within 30 days of ratification of the Collective Agreement, CSSD and Unifor Local 1990 will create a committee to initiate a review of of Education Assistant, Education Assistant II, Education Assistant, Complex Needs and Education Assistant, Severe Behaviour profiles. The committee will address and suggest amendments to existing position profiles and classifications to reflect changing student and classroom complexities.


Vacation pay shall be paid in the second (2nd) pay period following the Christmas break, the pay period following Easter/Spring Break and at the end of May.


This contract ends August 31, 2024. This end date aligns with multiple other education sector bargaining parties contract expiration. This will allow multiple bargaining parties to all bargain at the same time for their next Collective Agreement, giving us a stronger united front and position of leverage. 


National Day of Truth and Reconciliation will be a day off with pay when it falls during the normal work week, Monday to Friday.


Maternity leave has been increased for 15 weeks to 16 weeks.
Bereavement leave of 5 days with pay will be granted upon the death of immediate family.
Compassionate leave of 5 days with pay now includes critical family illness. This leave may be used if a immediate family member is receiving major surgery or is suddenly ill and requires attending to. (e.g. a child who suddenly becomes ill overnight and cannot be sent to school or placed in the care of another.)


The bulk of the proposed salary change is a 3.75% increase for all member and a 2 phase grid adjustment for categories 2-6 to address the liveable wage gap for our lower income earners.

Grid Wide Salary Increases:

June 1, 2023 1.25%
Click here for the new proposed Salary Grid as of June 1, 2023

September 1, 2023 1.00% Market Correction
Click here for the new proposed Salary Grid as of September 1, 2023

February 1, 2024 1.50%
Click here for the new proposed Salary Grid as of February 1, 2024

Category 2-6 Grid Adjustments:

September 1, 2023 1 step adjustment
Click here to see the proposed step changes for September 1, 2023

September 1, 2024 2 steps adjustment
Click here to see the proposed step changes for September 1, 2024

Click here for an automated presentation for the grid changes.
Click here for an interactive presentation of the grid changes.